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Thai Dipping and Cooking Sauce

Dipping sauce is popular and widely used in many fabulous Thai dishes such as Spring Roll (Poh Pia Tod), Prawn Cake (Tod Mun Kung), and Deep- Fried Spicy Stuffed Crab (Puu Cha).

Dipping is one of outstanding eating style since the ancient time. Even some of raw vegetables can be eaten with chili paste (Nam prik). Later on the dipping sauce is regularly used. Many types of food like chicken, meat, fish, fish or even vegetable would be more delicious when they're eaten with dipping sauce, especially fried dish.

There are many types of dipping sauce which give the various flavors. For example, Sweet Plum Sauce, Sweet and Sauce, Mango Sauce, Suki Sauce (Cantonese style) and Chili Sauce for savory dishes.

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