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Thai Seasoning Sauce

Seasoning sauce is a major ingredient in almost every delicious dish of Thai fish sauce, soy sauce and oyster sauce can bring the other ingredient's flavors. It's used for stir-flying.

Fish Sauce (Nam Pla) is made from a fermented salt fish. It has a pungent aroma but it will be mellowed during cooking. It is a mainstay of Thai cooking. We use it as a table condiment as well.

Soy Sauce (See Yiew) is frequently used in stir-fries sauces, and dressing. There are two types: salty and sweet. There are commonly used in vegetarian dishes.

Oyster Sauce (Namman Hoi) is a thick Chinese sauce. It is based on the soy sauce and oyster extract. It is salty and slightly sweet. Adding it towards the end of cooking time is recommended.

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